Monday, January 8, 2024

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Everyone has secrets.

Everyone has sins.

What happens when there is someone hiding in the shadows... 
keeping score?

The police claim Isaac Le Larron brutally murdered Sarah Graham... but there won’t be a trial. There won’t be a jury. He will 

Sammie Graham collects secrets.
Sammie Graham collects grudges.

What happens when these grudges threaten to
 swallow her...whole?

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The Grudge Keeper by B. L. Norris

The Grudge Keeper

by B. L. Norris

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Friday, November 17, 2023

Befallen: Roanoke Island


August 1587, a group of 115 English settlers arrived on Roanoke Island. Later than year, the governor of the island, John White returned to England for supplies. Three years later, when he returned to Roanoke....there was no trace of the settlers.

This is their story.

Befallen is a novelette written with characters from B. L. Norris' Red Vampire Series

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Grudge Keeper


Lovely Bones meet Sixth Sense!

In "The Grudge Keeper," author B. L. Norris weaves a tale of murder, deception, and revenge that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Everyone has secrets.
Everyone has sins.
What happens when there is someone hiding in the shadows... 
keeping score?
The police claim Isaac Le Larron brutally murdered Sarah Graham... but there won’t be a trial. There won’t be a jury. He will 
Given over to the Graham family patriarch, Abel, Isaac will endure the most heinous acts of revenge…but is he guilty?

Sammie Graham collects secrets.
Sammie Graham collects grudges.

Only three people know who killed Sarah Graham: Sarah, Sammie…and the killer. Only one will survive the Grudge Keeper.
In "The Grudge Keeper," Norris masterfully crafts a suspenseful murder mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end. A gripping plot that’s a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. This novel is a must-read for fans of the Horrostery (horror-mystery) genre. Sammie's journey into secrets, lies and murder will keep readers hooked from beginning to end, leaving them eager for more from this talented author.


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Vampire Assassin

Cyprien Darc lives a decadent life. A famous erotic writer and painter, he spends his days hard at work on his art and his nights between the sheets of a bevy of women. Cyprien is content with a degenerate life devoid of love… until he meets Sloan Gaffney.

Sloan Gaffney has ambitions of being a serious journalist. She is obsessed with uncovering the identity of Blood Lust, a serial killer who is terrorizing the city of Bedlam. But Sloan is stuck working at a local tabloid named Spill. When her cantankerous editor, Tilly Whitner, sends her to cover Cyprien Darc’s book release party, life as she knows it changes forever. The night ends with Sloan slapping Cyprien across the face.

The only way Sloan can save her job is to spend 30 days with Cyprien to write an exposé. Once she is under his roof, Sloan finds her dislike of him melting.

The Mother Killer
Cyprien Darc has a secret. He is the exiled prince of an ancient species of vampire called the Increatus (Uncreated). After his mother commits the ultimate betrayal, Cyprien commits the ultimate sin, he kills his mother, the Queen of Fangs.
Cast out of his hive, Cyprien is forever known by two names, the Mother Killer. and Vampire Assassin. Cyprien has many enemies and one in particular has followed him across the centuries.

Adam Stayne is not accustomed to losing. Cyprien took away the only person he'd ever loved. For this sin, Cyprien Darc would pay.

When Sloan's proximity to Cyprien puts her in the crosshairs of the Blood Lust Killer, Cyprien will do anything to protect her, including risking it all and once again becoming the Vampire Assassin.

A dark tale of lust, vengeance, and fangs. 
What do you do...when the a villain?


After being viciously raped and left for dead in the forest, Lilith is rescued by the mysterious Pagan Pendragon. But, when Pagan rescues a damsel in distress, she belongs to him. Taken to Pagan's secluded estate, Lilith discovers he is the Red Vampire, a powerful vampire worshipped by her family's cult.
One woman… three brothers with the power to consume her.

One’s fighting for love… Having let her slip through his fingers once before, Pagan is determined to save his beloved Lilith from the dark desires of his brother...
“Can you feel him?”
“I don’t know I feel everything.”

One’s fighting to possess… Ashtar desires Lilith above all else and is willing to wage all-out war with the Vampire Lord Pagan Pendragon…despite being brothers. For him, blood may be thicker than water but he is willing to let passion drown them all.

“You are in no position to tell us what to do with our Lilith.”

One’s fighting insanity… Percival has drowned his wife Morgane after learning of her love for Pagan. Now, he’s made his way to the small town of Bedlam where he has unleashed his murderous wrath.

"Sanguinem Bibere," he whispered. "Blood Drinker better known as vampire."

A battle is brewing amongst brothers… who will survive the immortal wrath?

Life is good for Gavin Lassiter. The son of a business tycoon and a member of the exclusive sex club, The Denegere Order, Gavin's existence revolves around fast cars, fast women, and living life in the fast lane. He balances his sinful lifestyle by working as an investigative reporter at the family-owned newspaper. However, when Gavin embarks on an investigation into a spree of seemingly unconnected murders, his carefree life is turned upside down as DEATH comes knocking on his door.
With the assistance of the captivating psychiatrist Maxima Dione, Gavin must unravel the following mysteries:

How did the fingerprints of a death row inmate end up at a fresh crime scene?
Why does his best friend's father harbor a deadly vendetta against him?
Can lovers truly be transformed into killers?

All the while, Gavin must stay one step ahead of a murderous madman who has set his sights on him. The murder rate continues to rise, trust becomes a scarce commodity, and the looming danger forces him to question everyone around him.
Murder rate is rising…there’s no one to trust…This is your invitation to the Devil’s Party

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