Sunday, September 24, 2023

After being viciously raped and left for dead in the forest, Lilith is rescued by the mysterious Pagan Pendragon. But, when Pagan rescues a damsel in distress, she belongs to him. Taken to Pagan's secluded estate, Lilith discovers he is the Red Vampire, a powerful vampire worshipped by her family's cult.
One woman… three brothers with the power to consume her.

One’s fighting for love… Having let her slip through his fingers once before, Pagan is determined to save his beloved Lilith from the dark desires of his brother...
“Can you feel him?”
“I don’t know I feel everything.”

One’s fighting to possess… Ashtar desires Lilith above all else and is willing to wage all-out war with the Vampire Lord Pagan Pendragon…despite being brothers. For him, blood may be thicker than water but he is willing to let passion drown them all.

“You are in no position to tell us what to do with our Lilith.”

One’s fighting insanity… Percival has drowned his wife Morgane after learning of her love for Pagan. Now, he’s made his way to the small town of Bedlam where he has unleashed his murderous wrath.

"Sanguinem Bibere," he whispered. "Blood Drinker better known as vampire."

A battle is brewing amongst brothers… who will survive the immortal wrath?

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