Sunday, September 24, 2023

Life is good for Gavin Lassiter. The son of a business tycoon and a member of the exclusive sex club, The Denegere Order, Gavin's existence revolves around fast cars, fast women, and living life in the fast lane. He balances his sinful lifestyle by working as an investigative reporter at the family-owned newspaper. However, when Gavin embarks on an investigation into a spree of seemingly unconnected murders, his carefree life is turned upside down as DEATH comes knocking on his door.
With the assistance of the captivating psychiatrist Maxima Dione, Gavin must unravel the following mysteries:

How did the fingerprints of a death row inmate end up at a fresh crime scene?
Why does his best friend's father harbor a deadly vendetta against him?
Can lovers truly be transformed into killers?

All the while, Gavin must stay one step ahead of a murderous madman who has set his sights on him. The murder rate continues to rise, trust becomes a scarce commodity, and the looming danger forces him to question everyone around him.
Murder rate is rising…there’s no one to trust…This is your invitation to the Devil’s Party

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